Institutional Investor Services

Scott + Scott LLP's Monitoring Services

Losses visited on institutional and other investors by corporate scandal should not go without response.  Indeed, both the U.S. Department of Labor and the Government Finance Officers Association (“GFOA”) affirmatively recommend that public pension fund trustees fulfill their fiduciary obligations to their funds’ beneficiaries by adopting specific policies and processes for monitoring their investments, identifying losses arising from corporate fraud, considering what level of participation any given situation requires and seeking to recover funds obtained on their behalf through investor litigation.

 Scott+Scott LLP is a nationally recognized law firm that represents individual and institutional investors who have suffered from corporate stock fraud. Scott+Scott has participated in recovering billions of dollars and achieved precedent-setting reforms in corporate governance on behalf of its clients.  Scott+Scott’s portfolio monitoring service identifies circumstances of corporate fraud and attendant losses, initiates or monitors litigation, as appropriate, on investors’ behalf, and assists in obtaining investment losses recovered on investors’ behalf through securities class-action litigation. Detailed reports, efficiently and timely provided to Scott+Scott’s clients, provide the facts, expert analysis and advice required for both individual and institutional investors, their trustees and managers to fulfill their fiduciary obligations and make informed decisions where corporate fraud is concerned.