Portfolio Tracking + Loss Recovery System

Portfolio Tracking

Scott + Scott’s PT+SM is the firm’s proprietary investment portfolio tracking service. Carefully combining the firm’s proprietary computer-based portfolio monitoring software with Scott+Scott’s hands-on approach to client relations is a proven method for institutional investors and their trustees to successfully:

  • monitor their investment portfolios
  • identify losses arising from corporate fraud
  • consider what level of participation any given situation requires, and
  • recover funds obtained on their behalf through investor litigation action basis

  Scott+Scott’s PT+ provides institutional clients with important electronic monitoring tools required in today’s investment environment. PT+ acts as an electronic portfolio watchdog, creating triggers when certain events occur pertaining to corporate fraud that may require action, and provides the information and insight necessary to make careful and informed decisions as to corporate fraud-related investment losses, whether that be to actively participate in securities class-action litigation as a representative plaintiff, to remain a silent beneficiary of class-action litigation as an absent class member, or to pursue private litigation on a non-class action basis.

PT+ REPORTS: An integral part of its portfolio monitoring services is Scott + Scott’s PT+ quarterly client reports, which are specifically tailored to each PT+ client’s holdings. Scott+Scott’s PT+ Reports detail the impact of new securities class-action filings on its clients’ funds, updates its clients on litigation that affects each client’s investment portfolios, and identifies recent settlements from which clients’ may be eligible to recover funds. Scott + Scott calculates the impact of corporate fraud and assesses each PT+ client’s purchases and sales of impacted securities during the relevant time period. This evaluation is accomplished in-house and may involve consultants or outside experts as necessary to determine complex accounting or damages issues. With this information, each PT+ client is able to assess how it has been affected by corporate fraud, determine the measures it will take to address the situation, and, where money has been recovered on investors’ behalf, ensure appropriate processes are in place to recoup available funds – thus ensuring that prior investment losses due to securities fraud are minimized.

To obtain more information about Scott+Scott’s PT+ services or to schedule a presentation to fund trustees, please contact David R. Scott at 800.404.7770.