Scandinavian Success -- Scott + Scott Heads Institutional Investor Summit

COLCHESTER, CT, Jun. 2006 -- Scott + Scott recently chaired the sixth annual Scandinavian Institutional Investors Summit in Stockholm, Sweden.  Institutional investors from Scandinavia and Europe gathered to engage in an open dialogue on best practices in portfolio building in the Scandinavian investment community and to discuss the characteristics of various investment tools utilized to maximize return and minimize risk for the institutional investor.  The conference focused on elucidating various alternative investment options and asset allocation strategies that are becoming prominent in this market, such as emerging market possibilities, real estate investment techniques, and private equity and hedge fund options.

Scott + Scott framed the theme for the conference, stressing shareholder activism and socially responsible action to guard against corporate scandal and corruption. Scott + Scott partner David R. Scott was distinguished as the keynote speaker and chairman of this year’s summit, highlighting his reputation for shareholder activism.  Mr. Scott spoke to institutional investors and asset managers regarding trends in institutional investor shareholder activism as well as the methods for protecting return on investment

Attendance at this year’s summit was impressive, with institutional investors, financial services providers, asset management companies, investment banks and consulting firms attending to hear Mr. Scott and other distinguished panelists speak.  Initially feedback from the conference was positive. Participants not only indicated that the firm projected a strong and effective pro-investor stance, but also presented thought-provoking solutions to global problems plaguing investors.