Scott + Scott Shares Unique Perspective at New England Public Employees Retirement System Summit

COLCHESTER, CT, Oct. 2006 -- This summer, Scott + Scott was selected as the lead sponsor of the New England Public Employees Retirement System Summit (NEPERS).  NEPERS, established to educate retirement plans, presents an annual symposium to discuss emerging trends affecting public employee pension and retirement savings.

Held July 19-20, in Newport, Rhode Island, the conference provided attendees a unique opportunity to view presentations and listen to discussions by an expert panel of industry-leading investment banks, asset management firms, financial media outlets, and law firms like Scott + Scott, which specializes in the prosecution and prevention of securities and employee benefit-related fraud.  During the two-day conference, panels gave specialized insight on cutting edge information, providing an open dialogue of emerging legal and market-force issues pertaining to both public employee retirement and healthcare plans.  This series of discussions were specifically designed to supply information that will better equip them to protect retirement investments in the face of a changing legal and economic landscape.  Heralded as a major success by attendees, NEPERS addressed the most pertinent issues, including general risk exposure in employee retirement plans, plan administration, retirement plan funding, strategies for retirement planning, and developments in regulations, as well as the underlying laws that will affect these issues.

Scott + Scott was distinguished at NEPERS this year, selected as the lead sponsor with firm co-founder and managing partner David R. Scott, who also presented a special lunchtime exposition.  Mr. Scott’s presentation focused on individual and institutional attendees, providing a general outline of retirement plans and recent developments in the laws that affect such plans.  His nationwide experience in prosecuting securities and employee retirement-related fraud was invaluable in explaining the complex legal concepts to participants in a comprehensive, yet thought-provoking manner.  The informative discussion framed the retirement benefit forum, addressing procedures which are essential in abiding by these laws, specifically touching on the fiduciary duties attendant to decisions impacting retirement plans as guideposts for properly weighing alternatives, and, ultimately, endorsing a proper course of conduct.

According to Scott, educational opportunities regarding public retirement and healthcare plans are of paramount importance for the investing public.  Scott stresses the value of these discussions as they pertain to a largely misunderstood aspect of financial life. 

“Saving for retirement and protecting the nest egg are important decisions—perhaps the most important that an individual can make,” Scott indicated.  “Unfortunately, many people who are forward-thinking enough to plan for retirement simply fail to fully comprehend the contours of the laws that apply to those savings.”

Scott + Scott regularly engages in discussions at open forums such as NEPERS to provide guidance to the investing public on the importance of shareholder activism, corporate and trustee fiduciary duties, and the ever-changing legal construct of securities laws.