Co-Diagnostics, Inc.

Period: 02/25/2020 to 05/15/2020
Lead Plaintiff Deadline: 08/17/2020


A securities class action has been filed against Co-Diagnostics, Inc. (CODX) on behalf of all those who purchased the securities of Co-Diagnostics common stock between February 25, 2020 through May 15, 2020.  This case has been filed in the USDC – Utah.

The Complaint alleges that Defendants made continual, knowing and willful misstatements about their main product, a Covid-19 diagnostic test, to pump of the price of Co-Diagnostics’ stock while the officers and directors exercised low priced options and dumped their stock into the market. Their fraudulent misstatements, and disregard for the basic scientific principles that make their falsity of their statements clear in retrospect, cost investors to lose millions of dollars.