Citibank N.A.

On February 10, 2023, Scott+Scott Attorneys at Law LLP (“Scott+Scott”) and Tusa P.C., filed a class action against Citibank N.A. (“Citibank”) in New York federal court alleging that Citibank refuses to refund monies stolen from its customers’ bank accounts due to identity theft or other wire or electronic transfers.  Even though the customers did not authorize these transactions, and notified Citibank of the fraud, Citibank refuses to refund the money stolen from the account.  According to the federal government, Criminals are constantly thinking up ways to get access to your financial information or to get cash from you or your account.”[1]  “Widespread data breaches and cyberattacks have resulted in significant harms to consumers, including monetary loss, identity theft, significant time and money spent dealing with the impacts of the breach, and other forms of financial distress.[2]

Federal and state laws protect consumers against these illegal withdrawals, and banks like Citibank should be required to refund the stolen monies,” says Joseph Tusa, a shareholder at Tusa P.C. who represents the victims.   Joseph Guglielmo, of Scott+Scott also represents the Plaintiffs, and added, “Just like victims of credit card fraud, banks often are required to refund unauthorized debits from customer bank accounts.”

If you have been a victim of these or similar practices, please contact Scott+Scott at (212) 223-6444, or Tusa P.C. by email at, on our website or by telephone at (631) 407-5100.   You can view the Class Action Complaint by clicking HERE.

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