T-Mobile Data Breach 2021

Scott+Scott is investigating claims on behalf of T-Mobile customers for the telecom’s role in a recent data breach. After hackers publicly claimed to have successfully stolen customer data from T-Mobile’s servers, the company conceded in August 2021 that there had, in fact, been “unauthorized access” to its systems.

T-Mobile has suffered as many as five of these cyberattacks since 2018 and the hackers claiming responsibility for this intrusion told media that T-Mobile’s security was “awful.” The cybercriminals went on to brag that they have obtained and are attempting to sell the data of up to 100 million T-Mobile customers on an underground forum. The sensitive personal data at risk includes social security numbers, phone numbers and IMEI numbers and drivers license information.

If you are a T-Mobile customer or applied for credit with T-Mobile, your personal data may have been taken. You have the opportunity to join with impacted customers who are demanding answers and have launched a legal investigation into the company in order to get them. If you are interested in speaking with an attorney to learn more and potentially participate in a lawsuit against T-Mobile, please fill out the form below. There is no cost.