Global Competition Review
Country Survey Issue: Volume 19 – Issue 1
Tom Webb

It’s early days for Scott + Scott, the UK branch of the top US claimant-side firm. It’s only been operational in London since September 2015, opening with the hire of Belinda Holloway, who was previously the most senior associate at Freshfields; another associate from that firm will be joining her soon, Holloway says. During her time there, Holloway was involved in defence work linked to the Polyurethane Foam, Gas-Insulated Switchgear, Paraffin Wax and Air Cargo cartels, among others. The plan is to focus primarily (albeit not exclusively) on claimant work. Given Scott + Scott’s work pursuing banks in the Forex case on the other side of the pond, it’s perhaps unsurprising that this is already a focus in London. The firm has teamed up with Brick Court barrister Daniel Jowell QC with an eye to bringing claims against financial services institutions that conspired to rig the Forex market.