Scott+Scott Expands International Footprint with Amsterdam Office

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Scott+Scott, Attorneys at Law LLP has announced the opening of Scott+Scott Europe BV in Amsterdam, continuing its global expansion. Scott+Scott, with offices in New York, Connecticut, California, London and now Amsterdam, is an international law firm with a well-earned reputation for advising multinational corporations and institutional investors on recovery programs and opportunities — and for recouping billions of dollars for clients in complex cases involving competition law violations and other misconduct.

Scott+Scott continues its global expansion with new offices in The Netherlands.

“Scott+Scott has been a trusted partner to Michelin for many years and we know the quality, experience and integrity that they bring to private enforcement cases,” said Jerome Cloarec, Head of Global Antitrust for Michelin Group. “We are pleased to see the firm expanding its European presence, especially to the Netherlands, which is one of the top European jurisdictions for claimants. This move will greatly benefit any multinational client seeking losses from anticompetitive conduct.”

The firm is known for a wide range of news making cases, including:

Representing individual corporations in Europe, including Hermès, GrandVision and Vodafone, in lawsuits against Visa and Mastercard alleging that the fees they impose for accepting payment cards breach European competition law.

Representing more than 40 US towns and cities seeking to hold drug manufacturers, distributors and retail pharmacies accountable for the role their deceptive and unethical marketing practices played in creating the devastating opioid crisis that is crippling municipalities across the country.

Obtaining $2.3 billion in settlements with 15 banks as lead counsel for a nationwide class in an antitrust action alleging a conspiracy to manipulate the foreign exchange market.

Opening an office in Amsterdam is a logical step for the growing firm. The Netherlands has a robust litigation regime and is a premier jurisdiction for private enforcement cases. Its courts are increasingly friendly to parties seeking damages from price fixing and other forms of wrongdoing. The Netherlands also offers a mechanism for settling cases on a global basis. The opening of the Scott+Scott office in Amsterdam will make it simpler and faster to recover losses all over the world. US investors can get relief for losses outside the US without having to engage third party Dutch law firms.

“We are delighted that Scott+Scott, with whom we have a longstanding relationship, is now in the position to monitor and advise on our stock holdings beyond the US,” said Marc Edwards, General Counsel for the Oklahoma Firefighters Pension and Retirement System. “As our investments in Europe have grown, we need a more global view. We feel confident knowing that Scott+Scott is monitoring our account in its entirety and providing us with global advice rather than having to refer sections of it out.”

“Scott+Scott is the first trans-Atlantic firm in the Netherlands devoted exclusively to claimant litigation,” said Scott+Scott Managing Partner David Scott. “Opening the office in the Netherlands serves two goals; it allows us to service our multinational clients with a pan-European approach, and it provides our US-based institutional clients a comprehensive and all-inclusive approach for their European investments. Our presence in the Netherlands will provide our clients, whether headquartered in the US or Europe, a one-stop shop for global recoupment, regardless of where the damages occurred.”

Scott+Scott Europe BV is scheduled to open June 1, 2019 with offices at Herengracht 280, 1016 BX Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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