Crypto Mania: Behind the hype of cryptocurrencies

The financial world has been captivated by cryptocurrency since Bitcoin hit the scene back in 2009. Evangelists enthusiastically tout the currencies’ ability to empower individuals and democratize capital while skeptics raise questions about crypto’s lack of inherent value and the safety of investing in it.

In response to complaints from cryptocurrency investors over alleged scams taking place in this space, Scott+Scott began investigating and filing claims focused on cryptocurrency fraud and misconduct. Notably, these claims include the Ethereum Max and SafeMoon matters. The Firm brings years of proven success in litigating securities and derivatives claims on behalf of shareholders; in addition to complex financial claims, such as the US Forex matter. As a result, Scott+Scott is positioned as one of the leading experts on cryptocurrency litigation.

David Scott, the Firm’s managing partner, was recently interviewed by an Australian Broadcasting investigative reporter for an episode of Four Corners focused on the crypto craze. The episode covers a range of topics related to cryptocurrency and, in addition to David, features investors, software engineers, law enforcement, and a former Chief of the Securities and Exchange Commission, all of whom offer their perspective on the viability of investing in cryptocurrency. Some investors who were interviewed have made millions of dollars by buying cryptocurrency while others lost fortunes. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are considered the blue-chip currencies, the market has been flooded with questionable offerings such as Yummy, Tether, Solana, and Dogecoin. The lack of oversight and regulation around crypto has led to extreme market volatility and has fueled demands for greater accountability.

You can watch the episode Crypto Mania: Behind the hype of cryptocurrencies from Four Corners Australia here: