John T. Jasnoch


  • SuperLawyers’ “Rising Star” for Securities Litigation 2020 – 2022


John Jasnoch is a partner in the Firm’s San Diego office. His practice areas include securities and antitrust class actions, shareholder derivative actions, consumer protection, commercial contracts, intellectual property, and other complex, high stakes litigation. Currently he is representing clients in complex litigations in state and federal courts across the country.

In 2015, Mr. Jasnoch was a member of the trial team in Scorpio Music S.A. v. Victor Willis, a landmark copyright jury trial concerning the copyright ownership of hit songs by The Village People. In that suit, Scott+Scott client and Village People lyricist Victor Willis obtained a declaratory judgment confirming his copyright termination and giving him a 50% copyright interest in “YMCA” and other classic Village People compositions. No. 11-cv-1557 (S.D. Cal.).

In his free time, Mr. Jasnoch enjoys attending sporting events, trivia contests, fun runs, and other adventures with his wife Jennifer, son James, and dog Jack.


  • Ocampo al v. Dfinity USA LLC et al., 21-CV-03843 (Super. Ct. San Mateo Cty.) (alleging the Company and other insiders sold securities as “ICP tokens” without registering with the SEC as required)
  • Morgan et. al. v. Constellation, et al., 3:21-cv-08869 (N.D. Cal.) (alleging the Company improperly denied DAG token holders the ability to swap from the original ERC-20 token to the mainnet token)
  • Huegerich v. Gentile et al., 2:22-cv-00163 (C.D. Cal.) (alleging that the Company improperly used celebrity endorsements to pump up the trading volume for the EMAX token so that insiders could unload their holdings onto unsuspecting cryptocurrency investors)
  • Merewhuader et al. v. SafeMoon LLC, et al., 2:22-cv-01108 (C.D. Cal.) (alleging the Company and executives repeatedly misled investors about the status of the project and improperly used celebrity promoters to artificially increase the trading volume for the SAFEMOON tokens in order to sell off their pre-sale holdings)
  • Patterson v. Terraform Labs PTE Ltd. et al., 3:22-cv-03600 (N.D. Cal.) (alleging the company and its agents conspired to mislead investors about the stability and sustainability of its two largest digital assets: UST and LUNA, which were also sold as unregistered securities along with other tokens in the Terra ecosystem).


  • In re LendingClub Corp. Shareholder Litig., No. CIV537300 (Cal. Super. Ct. San Mateo Cty.) ($125 million federal and state joint settlement)
  • In re FireEye, Inc. Securities Litig., No. 1:14-cv-266866 (Cal. Super. Ct. Santa Clara Cty.) ($10.3 million settlement)
  • In re Pacific Coast Oil Trust Securities Litig., No. BC550418 (Cal. Super. Ct. Los Angeles Cty.) ($7.6 million settlement)
  • In re MobileIron, Inc., Shareholder Litig., No. 1-15-284001 (Cal. Super. Ct. Santa Clara Cty.) ($7.5 million settlement)
  • In re King Digital Entertainment plc Shareholder Litig., No. CGC-15-544770 (Cal. Super. Ct. San Francisco Cty.) ($18.5 million settlement)
  • In re Lyft, Inc. Securities Litig., No. CGC 19-575293 (Cal. Super Ct. San Francisco Cty.)
  • In re Uber Technologies Inc. Securities Litig., CGC 19-579544 (Cal. Super Ct. San Francisco Cty.)
  • In re Slack Technologies, Inc. Shareholder Litig., 19-cv-5370 (Cal. Super Ct. San Mateo Cty.)
  • In re Google Assistant Privacy Litig., No. 19-cv-04286 (N.D. Cal.)

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