Scott+Scott hires Deutsche Bahn counsel to lead new office

Markus Hutschneider, former head of case management competition litigation for Deutsche Bahn, has joined Scott+Scott to head its new competition litigation-focused Berlin office.

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Scott+Scott Launches Berlin Office With Antitrust Pro

US plaintiffs firm Scott+Scott Attorneys at Law LLP announced Thursday it is launching a Berlin office led by an antitrust expert from Deutsche Bahn in an effort to cater to large multinationals seeking damages for breaches of competition law.

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Car Shipping Cartel Faces £150M Class Action

Five shipping companies fined for running a cartel for transporting cars to the UK have become the target of a £150 million ($189 million) US-style class action in London led by law firm Scott+Scott UK LLP.

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Class action could mean refund of £60 per new car

Dealerships could be in line for a refund of up to £60 per new car that they bought, thanks to a class action against five major shipping companies.

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shipping containers being loaded and unloaded at the dock

SHIPWRECK Millions of UK drivers could receive compensation after shipping company scam saw new car prices rise

Scott+Scott files legal action in the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal under the Consumer Rights Act in a bid to win back some money for consumers who bought or leased a new motor and may have been overcharged due to price-fixing scheme.

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Class Action Comes To UK With Major Forex Rigging Suit

Scott+Scott, who led a US class action against banking giants over allegations of foreign exchange rigging, files consumer antitrust suit in a test case for US-style class actions brought in England.

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Gulf Utility Providers File Damages Suits Against Prysmian, Others Over Power-cable Cartel

Scott+Scott Netherlands files suit on behalf of state utility companies in the Gulf region against power-cable producers over their involvement in a multiyear global cartel.

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The CAT and the (alleged) Fiddle. The currency trading scandal continues to dog the banks.

Scott+Scott filed a collective-action case at the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) against currency traders for foreign exchange rigging. No one is laughing now.

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Banks face £1 billion lawsuit over foreign exchange rigging

Five banks face a £1 billion class action lawsuit in Britain for allegedly rigging the foreign exchange market. Scott+Scott predicts that the class action will be joined by “tens of thousands” of entities, such as pension funds.

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Barclays, JP Morgan among banks facing UK class action over currency-rigging

Barclays, JP Morgan, RBS, UBS, and Citigroup are being sued by investors over allegations they rigged the global foreign exchange market in a claim estimated to be worth more than £1 billion ($1.24 billion).

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